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  • Chef Stephen

    Hello and Thank you for joining me on my newest adventure.

    As a respected culinary artist of over 30 years, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to The Travelling Bowl.

    The atmosphere here is casual and the food, 5-star. I cant wait for you to try the best comfort food around. Inspired by both global and local cuisines - my travels have helped me design a menu that has a little bit of everything. It's a culinary experience that will delight even the most critical taste buds, if I do say so myself :)

    When it comes to food, I believe it’s important for a Chef to thoughtfully, joyfully, and creatively cook for people’s health, faith, & ethical based choices. It brings me so much pleasure to help people discover the joy of eating delicious and healthy food. 

    Cooking for me is not just following the recipe. A Chef should understand the ingredients; they should understand how each individual ingredient contributes to an entire dish. Only then can you create a lasting culinary experience.

    But I don't intend to just feed you - I have a request as well. I’d like The Travelling Bowl to help our community. Through my initiative called ‘The Giving Bowl’ we can help feed hundreds of community members living with food insecurities around the Kitchener/ Waterloo Region. Together, let's make a positive impact.

    The Travelling Bowl and The Giving Bowl are my way to both Eat Well & Be Kind. So, after 30 years of captivating clients with spectacular and scrumptious dishes, I am so excited to share my nutritious, tasty, and balanced dishes with you. Welcome to The Travelling Bowl, I cannot wait to cook for you.

    Stephen Clarke

    Our Mission

    The Travelling Bowl is proud to bring you the world through our great tasting prepared meals. We provide flavourful food with a moral conscience. From our sustainably sourced ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging, we’ve got the earth covered. But we aren’t stopping there. We are offering meals to those in need in our community through our initiative called "The Giving Bowl". Learn more...

    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    When I started catering years ago, I learned from my mentors that fresh ingredients are the key to incredible tasting food. And freshness only comes from a healthy land. It is so very important to us that our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our packaging be eco-friendly. We aim to demonstrate sustainability at the heart of our business by only purchasing sustainable products; by composting our waste, and by applying green initiatives wherever possible.

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